Welcome to e-Aviso. This is my first post and to say I am excited is an understatement.  I am in the middle aged years of my IT career and whether it’s my age or just the rapid rate of change we are seeing at the moment, I feel like a born again IT Evangelist.

To date I have been what can only be described as an IT traditionalist. Having worked the last twenty years in various Business Sectors I have seen few changes in regards the way IT has been managed by larger corporations. IT has been preferred to limit an end users choice of hardware and desktop customisations in return for reliability, security and reduced support costs.

That is until Now!!  We are seeing more and more flexibility in the way a user accesses and run Applications. People have become to expect access to the applications they need at anytime from anywhere. With Bring Your Own Device initiatives and working from home now more common place.

The number of platforms is increasing but users expect the same functionality from each. They also want the same end user experience with their preferences following them around as they work from home, the office or on the move.

This creates challenges for the IT Management Teams. Thankfully the tools; platforms and standards are merging together to deliver these high demands.

I am relishing the chance to get to grips with these new technologies and further enhance my technical skills with the ultimate goal of delivering what my customers want.

Join me on that journey and I will share with you my experiences and what I have learned along the way…


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