RUFUS – Customer Relationship Manager

RUFUS is a cross platform highly scalable Customer Relationship Manager. This application is designed for small to medium sized businesses and will grow as your business grows.

Enough of the jargon, what will this application do for your business?

A Customer Relationship Manager application is exactly that, it manages the relationship a business has with its customers through the whole relationship lifecycle.

Lead —> Subscriber –> Customer –> Repeat Customer

RUFUS can help with your email marketing to help develop your leads into actual subscribers (customers that have given consent to receive your marketing material) and from there subscribers become customers, ordering products or services from you. The most difficult stage of the lifecycle is ensuring you have and maintain your repeat customers. A powerful aid in achieving this is using the knowledge you build up during the course of your customer interactions in a productive, proactive way demonstrating to your customer they are important to you and your business.

Building blocks of successful CRM

RUFUS has been designed to be modular, which means we can cater for all business types. We have worked very closely with our pilot customer to ensure all their requirements are met looking at ways we can reduce the laborious daily tasks and reduce repetition and re-entry of data. We can work with suppliers to open data transfer links so you can focus on the important things such as looking after your customers.

Process automation is the engine at the heart of RUFUS, providing the tools you need to perform at your best. A good CRM application will transform the data captured into knowledge you can use to better understand your customers and identify improvements that can be made to your business.

Scalable? What does this mean?

RUFUS will grow as your business grows, if your business is ran by one person or one thousand – RUFUS will be able to manage. There is a standalone instance for use in small number, single location offices. For remote workers and larger enterprises we can leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to host your data in the cloud.


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