On January 21st 2015 Microsoft held an Event in Redmond which they Webcast. They wanted to give an update on the progress being made on Windows 10. I had received word of the event through the Windows Insider Program I was expecting a quick update but what ensued was more enlightening and more exciting than I had hoped for.

Microsoft was kean to get across that the next release of Windows, Windows 10 – We are building it together…

There are 1.7 million Windows Insiders who have fedback over 800,000 items at time of writing. All the feedback is looked at and the pertinent suggestions are tagged and tracked and fed into the developers and all major stake holders. It feels very much like a community spirit with the program having full visibility. First impressions are that Microsoft really are well on the way to delivering an Operating System of the people.

The first requirement is obviouly how we all get our mits on this new OS once it is released. The technical requirement therefore is to be able to seamlessly transission from your current Operating System to the new shiny one. Microsoft have invested heavily in the engineering to esnure users are able to upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Don’t forget however, this operating system is not just for Desktop and Laptop home and business users. The operating system is being desinged from the ground up to run on the smallest of devices to the largest.

The image below shows all the devices Window 10 will support.
Windows 10 Image

Windows 10

  • Smart Phone
  • Small Tablet (<8″)
  • Large Tablet
  • 2in1
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Xbox 1
  • HoloLens*
  • Surface Hub*
 * Will come onto these new devices later.


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