e-Aviso can help you automate most aspects of your Business. We have a business automation framework that can bring a process flow diagram to life. Simply select a process flow diagram that matches your business from our extensive library and tailor it to your specific requirements. If we don’t currently have a process that matches then we can work with you to create a bespoke flow. You can interact with your live instance via a mobile phone (android and ios) Windows device or a Mac device. Your customers, suppliers, internal teams can all collaborate using the same tools creating a live, real time view of each process instance.

Need to update other internal or external systems through the process? – Not a problem, using technology connectors your process flows can interact with many popular systems. Again, if the system you need to interact with is not currently on our radar we can work with third parties on your behalf to add that support to your process.

We are looking for industry leaders and beta testers to work with us to identify the third party solutions you require e-Aviso to interact with. Also we are looking for Process Owners to help extend the process library. Process owners will earn commissions based on usage of any process they create using our workflow tool.

If you would like to know more or to get actively involved at this exciting time then please complete the form below.