Introducing Microsoft 365

  • Introducing Microsoft 365, a monthly or annual subscription incorporating Windows 10, Office productivity applications and Enterprise Mobility & Security. that helps you actively compete in the ‘modern workplace’ effectively. 

    Microsoft 365 offers a broad set of apps and services that gives you flexibility and choice in how you connect, share, and communicate. Other benefits include a seamless experience for you as users and centralised IT management with built-in security and compliance. 

    We recommend upgrading to the latest versions of Microsoft software in the cloud to significantly reduce security risks and continue receiving regular security updates.  

  • Microsoft 365 is the ultimate intelligent and affordable solution under one platform on the market. No other solution makes collaboration so simple whilst operating in real time securely from any device anywhere. 

    Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 changes the game for security by protecting user identities, devices, and information with a comprehensive solution driven by intelligence that only Microsoft has to offer.  

    Managing multiple security solutions is complex with new and more complex threats, and today’s evolving security challenges require a different approach. Windows 10 offers intelligent endpoint security that is built into the platform itself, not bolted on top of it.  

     This will vastly reduce your operational costs allowing you to be more strategic with your budgets. 

    Upgrade to Windows 10 now which gives you advanced security, deployment methods, compatibility tools, and productivity features and have peace of mind you are up to date with the latest intelligent software to successfully compete in the ‘modern workplace’. 

The Below Testimonials by Customers Illustrate the Power, Compatibility and Diversity of Microsoft 365 

 When asked what technology would help them boost their productivity here’s what Businesses had to say;

‘Migrating to Microsoft 365 gave them much needed up to date business software, the ability to work away from the office securely, being able to store documents in the cloud and allowed our employees to collaborate and be creative using an extensive range of new and existing Office 365 applications’.

 ‘Migrating to Microsoft 365 enabled them to increase productivity, reflecting the demand for increased collaboration and flexible working, while lowering operational costs’.

 ‘It’s tried and trusted and known, often the ‘office’ applications that a business relies on. And so, it’s not new technology that businesses have to take a gamble on’.

Microsoft 365 is the ultimate intelligent and affordable solution under one platform on the market. No other solution makes collaboration so simple whilst operating in real time securely from any device anywhere. e-Aviso will work with you to ensure you get the right solution to meet all your business needs.

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